LED Lights for Teeth?

This is a trend I just now picked up on: LED Lights for Teeth. Evidently in Japan, there is a trend for placing lights in the mouth to produce the effect you see here. This was originally done for a promotional commercial. I wonder if it will catch on. Over time dental patients have requested gold or even jewelry on their teeth. I do not think it a good idea to place anything bonded (attached) to the teeth that is not there for a health reason. Braces are fine. These LED light devices may be ok so long as they are removable and do not cause any adverse dental effect. Hey, 3-M and other orthodontic bracket companies, how about orthodontic brackets that light up? On second thought, a leaky battery in the mouth does not sound so good. What do you think? Will patients be requesting this in the future?

Check out the article here: NewYork Times Article

If you are wondering, you cannot buy these yet. They are not commercially available.